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Bringing .NET and Cardano Together

Easy to Use

CardanoSharp was built with one thing in mind: Be as frictionless as possible. Add Cardano support to your .NET app today!

Manage Wallets

Being able to work with Mnemonics, Keys, and Addresses, will give you the ability to build better experiences for your users.

Build Transactions

CardanoSharp allows you to build transactions in flexible ways. Build partial or whole transactions allowing you to accommodate many workflows.


CardanoSharp has many utilities to help you quickly parse and work with CBOR, Keys, Addresses, and Transactions.

Mint and Burn

You can use CardanoSharp to easily manage your NFT Collection with Minting and Burning using Native Scripts.


CardanoSharp is community driven. Not only do we focus on bring Cardano to .NET, but we bring .NET to other Cardano Projects such as Blockfrost and Koios.